Application of Front anterius segmentum AI Image Recognition Technology in Visualization of Transmission Lines

Release time:2021-02-08 17:25:34

Transmission lines are exposed to the wild all year round, and are easily damaged by super-high operations, sand excavation, and burning. The destruction of these lines often brings huge economic losses to power supply companies, and also poses a great threat to the safe operation of the power grid and people's lives and property.

   The transmission line is close to construction sites, playgrounds and other areas prone to external damage
   Fire-prone areas near transmission lines
Application of Four-Faith Front anterius segmentum AI Image Recognition Technology in Visualization of Transmission Lines
This solution uses a monitoring device to monitor the vicinity of the shooting line around the clock, and uses the AI image recognition model in the device to analyze whether there are hidden dangers at the scene. If hidden dangers are found (such as construction machinery, wire foreign objects, wildfires, smoke, etc.), the device immediately sends an alarm After the information arrives on the platform, the platform will send a notification to the management as soon as possible after receiving the information to prevent the occurrence of external damage accidents in a timely manner.

   The solution can increase the monitoring frequency of the anterius segmentum AI image recognition device, reduce the vacuum period, and reduce the probability of accidents

   The anterius segmentum AI image recognition device can reduce the frequency of uploading pictures, reduce traffic costs and back-end recognition pressure

   AI image recognition model occupies less resources, does not require additional accelerator support, low cost, and easy to upgrade

   The AI image recognition model occupies less resources and can directly upgrade the stock devices, which greatly saves the upgrade and transformation costs of stock products


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