How does the fault indicator identify earth fault?
In the distribution system, under normal circumstances the zero sequence current value is very small, when the single-phase ground fault happens, the ground phase current will rapidly increase. Therefore, we uses over value zero sequence current method as our earth fault criterion. When the zero sequence current exceeds the previous set-up value and exceeds the set time, the indicator will indicate the fault, the earth fault probe sends out a fault signal through the optical fiber separately to the panel and to the electrical automation device outputs . The set value (according to the user's request) is preset in the factory.
How does the fault indicator identify short circuit?
    The short-circuit fault criterion of our fault indicator is different from the previous simple judgement according to the over value of the current to detect the fault.

    Based on the changes in current the detection takes use of adaptive method to determine the short circuit to adapt to the short circuit fault identification requirements of different areas and different lines. And in this case there will be no false indication.

    The criterion is described as follows: when the current on the line suddenly occurs a positive mutation, and its value exceeds the setting factor, in a very short period of time the current drops to zero, then the fault indicator will determine the situation as line fault. After the fault determination of Time T (default 8 hours, achieve by the panel indicator ) the fault indicator could be reset. The current variation in the coefficient of variation and the time parameters could be customized according to customer requirements in the factory preset.
What kind of current can your fault indicator measure?
The fault indicator could measure each phase of the line current and bus zero sequence current. The short-circuit fault indicator collects the load current of the line and uploads an average every 16 minutes. The ground fault indicator collects the zero sequence current and uploads it regularly. The upload cycle is 16 minutes  under normal conditions, and if the zero sequence current has passed the limitation, the current would be uploaded every one minute.
Why Four-Faith Fault Indicator?
Subsidiary of Four-Faith Comunication Technology Co., Ltd., Four-Faith Smart Power Technology Co.,Ltd. focus on Providing Smart Grid Solution for the world wide.
Combined with the latest industrial IOT technology,  Four-Faith Smart Power Technology Co.,Ltd. offers a series of solutions including Overhead Line and Underground Short Circuit & Earth Fault Indicator, Feeder Terminal Unit (FTU) Automation Solution, Intelligent MV & LV switchgear Monitoring Solution, Power Distribution Substation Monitoring.
Taking advantage of its years of experience in the M2M industries, Four-Faith Smart Power Team self-design and self-produce a series of intelligent products for Smart Grid Solution, such as remote fault indicator, smart power measuring meter, electric grade cellular IP modem etc.
① The current sensor that could monitor the current fault, the fault indicator integrates the sample collecting part and data processing part into the design and has a good linearity. The fault current setting of the adaptive algorithm is large and accurate and reliable.
② The current transformer designed to be open-type ring transformer, it can be directly clipped to the cable without power off installation, no false alarm during loading and unloading process.
③ Ring magnetic core and secondary winding takes use of high-quality epoxy resin vacuum cast in the flame retardant shell to prevent moisture and maintain stable performance.
④ The different parts of the fault indicators connection each other through optical fiber , so that the high side can be well isolated with low pressure side to protect the device from high pressure damage.
⑤ Date transmission through the optical fiber could provide better anti-interference ability, safe and reliable data communication .
⑥ There is no need to transform a device, easy to implement, easy to promote.
⑦ The fault indicator can monitor the real-time situation of the line load and  remote information under switch status.
How does the fault indicator achieve fault location
When the line sends a short circuit or earth fault message, the fault line from the substation exit to the point of failure of all fault indicators will be tripped or flashing.
The fault indicators on no-faulty Line and the non-fault branch, and the fault indicators after the faulty location will be no active. In this way,  the operator
from the substation goes along the fault line to locate the sector between last tripped fault indicator and the first inactive fault indicators, so as to quickly confirm the faulty section, branch and location.
There is no longer need to inspect the line to find fault location at sight by use of a  fault indicator with communication function.  With the cooperation of fault indicator and communication terminal and software, the monitoring station or mobile phone can receive the faulty information to find the faulty location within 3-5 minutes. 
 Fault Indicator achieve fault location
What is a remote fault indicator for cable lines
First you should know what is called a fault indicator.
According to definition of the "distribution line fault indicator technical specifications" , distribution line fault indicator is the device which is installed on the distribution Line for the detection of short circuit and single-phase earth fault, and then will send the alarm information. "
When the fault occurs to the line, patrol officers can quickly determine the fault section according to the alarm display of the fault indicator, and find the location of fault.
According to the use of different places, fault indicators can be divided into overhead fault indicator , cable line fault indicator. The definition of the Cable Line fault indicator is the device whose "sensor and display (indicating) part is integrated in a unit and is mechanically fixed to a phase Cable lines, usually installed in the cable branch box , Ring Main Unit, Switchgear and other power distribution equipment"
The remote fault indicator refers to the "telemetry" and "remote communication". Compared to a local fault indicator that only indicates a fault mechanically, remote fault indicator can also collect the real-time load current value on the corresponding line to achieve a "telemetry" function.
As an important measurement point of distribution network automation system, the cable line fault indicator plays an important role to shorten the power outrage time, improve power supply reliability, maintain high customer satisfaction of power supply utility and to avoid the economic losses of production enterprises, and ultimately to promote the level of productivity of society. It is no exaggeration to say that the widespread use of cable line fault indicators can produce significant Benefit and social benefits!
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1.Well know the local market and can provide valuable information, such as project opportunity, competition, new product introduction etc.
2.Can provide timely services and support to satisfy the customers and compete the market.
3.Have a professional technical support and sales engineer team.
4.Have experience in drawing up marketing plan and execute marketing activities.
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