How does the fault indicator identify short circuit?

Release time:2018-05-02 15:20:03

    The short-circuit fault criterion of our fault indicator is different from the previous simple judgement according to the over value of the current to detect the fault.

    Based on the changes in current the detection takes use of adaptive method to determine the short circuit to adapt to the short circuit fault identification requirements of different areas and different lines. And in this case there will be no false indication.

    The criterion is described as follows: when the current on the line suddenly occurs a positive mutation, and its value exceeds the setting factor, in a very short period of time the current drops to zero, then the fault indicator will determine the situation as line fault. After the fault determination of Time T (default 8 hours, achieve by the panel indicator ) the fault indicator could be reset. The current variation in the coefficient of variation and the time parameters could be customized according to customer requirements in the factory preset.
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