Four-Faith Smart Power Technology Co.,Ltd. focus on Providing Smart Grid Solution for the world wide.聽

  Combined with the latest industrial IoT technology, Four-Faith Smart Power Technology Co., Ltd. offers a series of solutions including power distribution line monitoring system, ring main unit & branch box monitoring solution, data acquisition and transmission solution, auto recloser monitoring solution, controller motoring solution and RTU monitoring solution, etc.聽

聽   Taking advantage of 聽its years of experience in the M2M industries, Four-Faith Smart Power Team self-design and self-produce a series of intelligent products for Smart Grid Solution, such as remote fault indicator, smart power measuring meter, electric grade cellular IP modem etc.

    Four-Faith own complete SMT factory and assembly facility. With Advanced modern production line, automatic placement machine, welded joint, in-circuit testers and other specialized production equipment, Four-Faith is able to commit to the customer for providing high-quality control products.
  • Industrial IoT for Smart Grid

    Four-Faith has been providing M2M (now industrial IoT) application solution since 2008. Combined with the latest industrial IoT technology, Four-Faith Smart Power focus on offering complete solutions for Power Distribution Grid.

  • Always Leading Technology

    With 10 years of R&D experience, Four-Faith has accumulate the latest wireless communicate technology such as NB-IoT, LoRa, ZigBee, together with our advantages in GPRS/3G/4G LTE and WiFi, Four-Faith Smart Power is able to provide flexible and advanced networking in the Power Distribution Remote Monitoring.

  • Complete Certification

    Four-Faith passed ISO9001, SGS certification, product passed the CE, FCC, EMC certification, Environmental Testing Certification, the State Grid Center Certification , the State Industrial Production Permit, Ministry of Water Resources and Hydropower Research Evaluation and Certification, etc.