Why Four-Faith Fault Indicator?

Release time:2018-04-27 14:44:28

Subsidiary of Four-Faith Comunication Technology Co., Ltd., Four-Faith Smart Power Technology Co.,Ltd. focus on Providing Smart Grid Solution for the world wide.
Combined with the latest industrial IOT technology,  Four-Faith Smart Power Technology Co.,Ltd. offers a series of solutions including Overhead Line and Underground Short Circuit & Earth Fault Indicator, Feeder Terminal Unit (FTU) Automation Solution, Intelligent MV & LV switchgear Monitoring Solution, Power Distribution Substation Monitoring.
Taking advantage of its years of experience in the M2M industries, Four-Faith Smart Power Team self-design and self-produce a series of intelligent products for Smart Grid Solution, such as remote fault indicator, smart power measuring meter, electric grade cellular IP modem etc.
① The current sensor that could monitor the current fault, the fault indicator integrates the sample collecting part and data processing part into the design and has a good linearity. The fault current setting of the adaptive algorithm is large and accurate and reliable.
② The current transformer designed to be open-type ring transformer, it can be directly clipped to the cable without power off installation, no false alarm during loading and unloading process.
③ Ring magnetic core and secondary winding takes use of high-quality epoxy resin vacuum cast in the flame retardant shell to prevent moisture and maintain stable performance.
④ The different parts of the fault indicators connection each other through optical fiber , so that the high side can be well isolated with low pressure side to protect the device from high pressure damage.
⑤ Date transmission through the optical fiber could provide better anti-interference ability, safe and reliable data communication .
⑥ There is no need to transform a device, easy to implement, easy to promote.
⑦ The fault indicator can monitor the real-time situation of the line load and  remote information under switch status.
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