Application of Four-Faith Encrypted Communication Module in Distribution Network Automation

Release time:2021-04-13 09:07:34

With the rapid development of distribution network automation and intelligence, the business data of the power system is increasing day by day, and the power companies have higher and higher requirements for the security and stability of communication. The direct transmission of power business data through the Internet poses a huge threat to the security and stable operation of the power grid. Therefore, all power grid companies are required to consolidate their security foundation and encrypt transmission of power grid business data.

Safe transmission of business data of distribution network automation terminals (such as box-type FTU, hood-type FTU, DTU, etc.)

Four-Faith encrypted communication module F2924-DS is a wireless communication terminal for the Internet of Things. It uses public wireless frequency band networks and power dedicated encryption chips to provide users with wireless long-distance and secure data transmission. It not only meets wireless big data transmission, but also meets the needs of power grid companies. Requirements for the secure transmission of business data.

1、The use of wireless networks for data transmission simplifies the inconvenience of network wiring.
2、With RS232/RS485/network port interface, it can meet the access requirements of most power distribution terminals.
3、The equipment is equipped with encryption chips for the China State Grid and China Southern Power Grid, and the business data is encrypted before transmission to ensure the safe transmission of data.

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