On - Line Monitoring Scheme of Four-faith Transmission Line Conductor Temperature Measurement

Release time:2021-04-13 09:38:08

With rising of the electricity capacity, the power equipment of long running, circuit wiring, wire clip, The T point is very easy to appear the high temperature phenomenon, in areas such as the junction overheating phenomenon of last will reduce the service life of the strain clamp, severe joint fusing happens, wire sag too lower line, seriously affecting the safe and stable operation of the power supply system.
Industry demand
Transmission line joint parts, wire clamp, wire temperature monitoring

The on-line monitoring system of wire temperature measurement of Four-faith transmission line is composed of temperature probe, host, solar panel, Web platform and WeChat/SMS. The temperature probe is installed on the wire monitoring point, when the line is powered by CT power, when the line is not powered by dry battery power, the host is installed on the tower, built-in high-performance lithium battery, lithium battery charged by solar energy.
The temperature sensor collects the temperature of the monitoring point in real time, and sends the temperature data to the host, which then forwards it to the cloud platform, and finally displays it on the Web platform and WeChat official account. If the alarm data, the platform will also send the alarm message to the user's phone.

Project value
The temperature probe adopts the combination of CT power and dry battery power to ensure the probe lasts on line.
The temperature probe and host adopts 433MHz wireless communication, easy to install, safe and reliable;
With Web end and mobile end, to meet the needs of users anytime and anywhere to view;
The data accuracy is high, which can provide data reference for the power supply company to carry out dynamic capacity increase of the line.
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