The pole and tower monitoring programme based on Four-faith company High-precision GNSS Receiver

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Electric transmission line always expose on the wild, and easily suffer from thunder-and-lighting, rainstorm,  typhoon and snow. Tower footing slide, collapse, tower pole leaning, fracturing and other accidents happened frequently, seriously threaten the stable operation of power supply system and the safety of People's property.
Industry Demand
1. The area of the long rainy season, prone landslide, collapse and debris flow.

High-precision GNSS Receiver
2. Area of low temperature, prone ice disaster, snow disaster.

High-precision GNSS Receiver
3. Area of strong wind, tower easy to deformation and collapse.
High-precision GNSS Receiver
Programme Introduction
High-precision GNSS Receiver
In this programme, the high-precision receiver is installed in the pole and tower or the tower footing which is easy to collapse, through jointing location with the base station, the receiver monitors the condition of the tower footing and pole translation and subsidence in real time. Utilizing tower-pole-installed tilt sensor and meteorological sensor to monitor the heeling condition in lateral and vertical direction respectively, and pole and tower environment. The GNSS receiver transfer the location data, tilt data, meteorological data to the platform in real time. Platform will inform the maintenance personnel to deal with problem, which effectively prevents accident, improves the safety of the power grid operation and avoids the financial loss caused by accident.
High-precision GNSS Receiver
Programme Value
1. High-precision GNSS receiver, tilt sensor and meteorological sensor are used to monitor the translation, subsidence, tilt of towers and poles and meteorological condition of the environment to ensure the stable operation of power grid.
2. Replace manual inspection, reduce the frequency of traveling to high-risk area.
3. Outdoor inspection changes to indoor inspection, and multi-person for one-line changes to one-person for multi-line, which greatly reduce inspect time and human cost.
4. Warning information inform the administrator via WeChat and SMS notification, to know the scene situation in anytime and anywhere.
Application Case
High-precision GNSS Receiver
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