Four-Faith Smart Power Application of Router in Overhead Line Fault Locating System

Release time:2021-06-25 15:27:36

In most of the areas, power lines are widely distributed and with large-Span. If the power line occurs fault, the fault locating system usually performs with Low accuracy, high difficulty in operation and maintenance. The traditional manual power line inspection method is inefficient. The longer the power outage, the greater the economic loss to the society.

Smart Power Application
Smart Power Application Industry Requirement
1. Improve the accuracy of power line fault locating and improve the communication efficiency between the site and the master station
2. Enhance data filtering and reduce unnecessary data transmission
3. Add VPN channel to encrypt data
Smart Power Application Introduction of the Scheme 
The application scheme of Four-Faith Industrial Router in the overhead line fault locating system is composed of router F3X27 and a remote overhead fault indicator. The three acquisition units on-site transmit the power data to the aggregation unit via 433MHz, and the aggregation unit is connected to the Four-Faith industrial router through the RS232 to Ethernet port. The two complete the transparent transmission of the data through the IEC104 transmission protocol, and finally the router uploads the data to the fault locating platform through the 3G /4G network. When the line occurs fault, it accurately locates the fault location and guides the operation and maintenance personnel to quickly troubleshoot and restore power. 
Smart Power Application
Smart Power Application Solution Value
1. The solution also has firewall technology, which can prevent a certain range of hacker attacks
2. It's provided with data filtering function, reduce redundant data transmission, only receive data information from the master station
3. The solution adds a VPN channel to encrypt the data, reducing the possibility of intercepting data
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