• Downward-looking power line intelligent patrol system
  • Downward-looking power line intelligent patrol system
F-PLS240/F-PLS240-N Downward-looking power line intelligent patrol system
●  Horizontal-view + down-view, dual lens, multi-directions
●  Accurate AI image recognition function
●  Cute design and easy installing
  The intelligent patrol branch system of power line is an important part of the on-line monitoring system for power facilities. The terminal provides users with a set of intelligent and visual real-time monitoring scheme of power facilities by using the technologies of image recognition, data calculation and remote control. F-PLS240/F-PLS240-N with 2G/3G/4G/5G communication, GPS positioning, 433MHz access, image recognition, wire temperature measurement, environmental monitoring, voice broadcasting and other functions, is the best choice for online monitoring of power facilities.
intelligent patrol system
Horizontal-view + down-view, dual lens, multi-directions
With horizontal-view and down-view dual lens design, at the same time to monitor the tunnel and tower conditions
intelligent patrol system
Accurate AI image recognition function
Front end and back end double recognition, high accuracy, able to identify engineering machinery, flying objects, mountain fire and other objects.
intelligent patrol system
Cute design and easy installing
The device adopts the integrated design, the dimension is small, the weight is light, easy to install.
intelligent patrol system
Stable and reliable power supply solution
Solar + battery + super capacitor design, long battery life, the device can work on sunny or rainy days.
Clear main point catching, high stability
Image - based, video auxiliary, low data consumption, high online rate
intelligent patrol system
Item Content
Main lens 16 million physical pixels, Aperture: 2.0, Image sensor: 1/3.1"
Down-view lens physical pixel 2 megapixels, Aperture :1.55, Image sensor: 1/2.8"
Real-time video format 1920*1080P, 30f/s
Video format MP4
Picture format Main lens: 4608*3456,Night vision lens:1920*1080
Battery 20Ah
solar panel 37.5W
Interface 1*TF card, 1*USB2.0, 2*12DC power transmission, 2*RS485 (including 1 line with RS232 port function), 2*DI, 2*DO, 1* audio output



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