Application of Four-Faith Safety Warning Light on Transmission Line

Release time:2021-02-08 14:40:51

In areas such as bridges, large construction sites, and dense roads with passing vehicles. It often happens on overhead transmission lines that when super-high vehicles passing which will touch the upper wires due to blind areas and untimely preparedness especially at night. This is a threat personal property and the safety of the power grid. Although line warning signs can be seen everywhere, they are usually only effective during the day, and there are still long-term blind spots at night.

There are overhead lines across highways and bridges in cities and villages.

Special areas, such as overhead lines and towers which near the airport.

Four-Faith safety warning light is suspended and installed on the overhead power transmission line and tower. When the light is dim at night, the warning light will automatically light up and flash according to a certain pattern. When pedestrians, vehicles, ships, etc. pass by, the radar detection unit will be triggered immediately, and the voice will be activated in parallel as well. The warning unit activates the siren and flashing warning lights to remind passing personnel, vehicles, airplanes, etc. to pay attention to safety and avoid contact or collision accidents, thereby protecting personal safety and the safety of transmission lines.

Lightning protection, anti-corrosion, rust-proof, waterproof, dust-proof and high-temperature resistant design, the device can adapt to various severe outdoor weather;

Internal CT power supply design, no need to install other power supply equipment, and complete protection circuit, stable and reliable operation, strong anti-interference ability;

Simple structure design, convenient installation, maintenance-free; High-brightness light-emitting devices, large visible distance at night with stable performance.

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