Four-Faith monitoring device is applied to transmission and distribution lines and towers

Release time:2021-01-26 11:17:04

Birds often cause line failures when they stay on power line towers. For example: when birds are building their nests, twigs, iron wires, firewood and other objects fall between the cross arm and the wire, which will cause line failure; when the wind is blowing, the bird’s nest on the tower will be scattered by the wind and fall on the live wire or Hanging on the bottle will cause a short circuit and ground fault; when the bird stays on the cross arm on the upper part of the bottle string and drains downwards and flows down the bottle string, it will cause a single-phase ground fault, or the bird droppings will blow to the charged body with the wind and cause air gap breakdown. Cause a malfunction; when larger birds are fighting, flying between conductors may cause a phase-to-phase short circuit or a single-phase ground fault.

Resident monitoring of birds on overhead transmission lines

Resident monitoring of birds on overhead power distribution lines

Resident monitoring of birds in substation towers

The application scheme of the Fourfaith intelligent patrol device in power line bird staying monitoring consists of image monitoring device, sound and light alarm, cloud platform, web browser, and mobile terminal. The image monitoring device continuously takes pictures and integrates The captured pictures are sent to the platform, and the platform intelligently analyzes the scene pictures. When it finds that there are birds living or nesting on the site, it immediately issues an order to the device. After receiving the order, the device turns on the sound and light alarm to drive away the resident Birds: When the platform recognizes the bird’s nest, it will simultaneously push the information to the management staff through WeChat and SMS, so that the management staff can clean up the nesting objects on the tower in time to avoid line failure.

(1) Continuously monitor the status of birds staying on lines or towers. When birds are found, they will send out alarm sound and light to drive away birds in time to ensure safe and stable operation of lines.
(2) When a bird's nest is found, the management personnel will be notified as soon as possible, so that the management personnel can clean up the nesting objects on the tower in time to avoid line failure.
(3)SMS and WeChat receive real-time push information, and understand the status of birds in the line or tower anytime and anywhere.

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