Application of Four-Faith 4G Router in Feeder Terminal Unit (FTU)

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The Feeder Terminal Unit (FTU) is suitable for the automation projects of urban, rural and enterprise distribution network . It can complete the monitoring, control, protection and communication of Ring Main Unit and Pole-mounted Switch . Cooperate with the electronic station and the main station to realize the normal monitoring and fault identification , isolation and restoration of power supply in non-faulty sections of the distribution line . Combined with wireless communication and industrial design, it will help the Feeder Terminal Unit to play a role in a more diverse environment



Remote suburbs, villages and other areas where wireless communication environment can be installed.

Distribution rooms and other places with wired communication environment
Solution Overview

The application scheme of Four-Faith 4G router in Feeder Terminal Uniti mainly composed of FTU, F3827 router and master station system. FTU obtains telemetry and telesignal data from the feeder system and circuit breaker, and transmits the data to the power distribution automation master station system through the Four-Faith F3827 router, the system can obtain real-time operation data of equipment on site. In addition to receiving telemetry and telemetry signals, the F3827 router can also forward remote commands from the master station system to FTU, and the FTU will implement the commands. With its multi-interface, wireless communication, industrial-grade design and other features, Four-Faith F3827 router supports FTU accomplish tasks well in a variety of operating environments, realize the control of circuit breakers and thus achieve the overall protection of the feeder system.
 Solution Features

1. F3827 supports wired/wireless Internet access. It can be used not only in remote suburban or rural feeder terminal equipment FTU, but also in power distribution rooms and other places with a wired environment. It fully adapts to various power scenarios.
2. The F3827 adopts a metal shell with a protection level of IP30, and  industrial-grade design makes it adaptable to various environments. WDT watchdog design to ensure the stability of the system, using a complete anti-drop mechanism to ensure that the data terminal is always online.
3. The F3827 Router is standard which is easy to use, provides standard RS232 (or RS485/RS422), Ethernet interface, which can be directly connected to serial devices, Ethernet devices, intelligent data terminals, and can enter the data transmission state when powered on.

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