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F-PLS200 Power Line Security Camera
Power line security camera (F-PLS) is used to monitor the overhead power line (including transmission line and distribution line,tower and pole). F-PLS takes photo or short video periodically or manually, prevent the power line from damaging by people, vehicle or some other construction machines, such like theft the power line or equipment, wildfire, tower crane, excavator, especially in the construction site or the road which power line across. 
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1.Long-lasting Power Supply
Supports a variety of power supply modes and adopts solar energy + iron phosphate lithium battery + super capacitor, which can maintain battery life for 30 days without light.
2.High Efficiency of Photoelectric Conversion
Greatly increase the area of solar panels and improve the efficiency of solar photovoltaic conversion.
3.Intelligent Analysis
The front end carries out intelligent analysis, automatically identifies hidden dangers, does not have manual intervention, automatically pushes the alarm, reduces the manual workload.
4.Low Cost
Mainly photograph, video is auxiliary, low communication cost.
5.Rich Format
Support video, Cloud platform, a variety of lens.
Typical Application:Monitoring Platform for Power Line Security Camera




       Basic Parameters

Item Content
F-PLS100 F-PLS110
High definition lens 8 Mega pixel, max 2100 Mega pixel optional 8 Mega pixel, max 2400 Mega pixel optional
Low light lens / 2 Mega pixel, min light 0.001Lux
Zoom lens / 20 times
Down view lens / Support high definition, low light lens
Tripod head 256 preset positions, 360° horizontally, 110° vertically
Sound light Shout 200 m visible to light and hear sound
Micro Meteorology 2 factors wind direction, wind speed
5 factors wind direction, wind speed, air pressure, temperature, humidity
6 factors wind direction, wind speed, air pressure, temperature, humidity, rainfall
Line temperature measurement Range -40~+290℃, accuracy ±1℃,minimum start current 20A,Non-closed CT take power, current capture each 1 min
Adjusted angle Horizon 360°,vertical 90°
Power supply Solar energy + Lithium iron phosphate battery + Super capacitor
Solar panel 12W 40W
Battery Embedded 10Ah Embedded 20Ah
Life time 10 pictures each day.  Support 30 days working without light 50 pictures each day, support 30 days working without light. 1 hour video each day, support 30 days working without light.
Network Standard All network supported
Life span Above 8 years


      Physical Feature

Item Content
F-PLS100 F-PLS110
Weight ≤5kg ≤15kg
Structure Solar panel and main machine integrated design
IP level IP67


      Environment Parameter

Item Content
Working temperature -25~+70℃
Storage temperature -40~+85℃
Relative Humidity 0~100%RH (No condensation)

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