Smart Power Meter Solution

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1. System Solution
MPM100/MPM200, DEM100/DEM130,are all smart power meters, which can be used in the industrial, commercial, utility, transportation, data center, for monitoring electrical power data, such as voltage, current, active power, reactive power, energy, demand, etc. and switch or circuit-breaker ON/OFF status. All data can be display on the screen locally or update to SCADA system.
Matched with appropriate PT/VT (potential/voltage transformer) and CT (Current transformer), Multi-function power meters can be used on the medium-voltage switch-gear, ring-main unit, low-voltage cabinet, switch box or AC junction box. The panel-mounted or DIN rail design make it easy to install on site.
2. Smart Power Meter Features
2.1 Economical multifunction power meter
2.2 Suit for LV/HV voltage system, up to 650kV
2.3 31st Harmonic analysis, THD
2.4 Phase sequence adjustment
2.5 Various DI/DO
2.6 Relay output 
Smart Power Meter Solution
3. Typical Solutions
Most of the multi-function power meters are install on the primary equipment, which are sometimes locate in the distribution room, factory workshop, and building strong electrical wells. Meters work as secondary devices, collect the data by wire connecting to PTs and CTs which directly detect the voltage and current. Power, energy, frequency and other values can be calculated by meters.
Smart power meters send data to gateways via RS485 and MODBUS-RTU, and then gateways send data to SCADA via 2G/3G/4G or ethernet, the protocols are IEC104, MODBUS-TCP, etc.
Smart Power Meter Solution
Smart Power Meter Application Scenarios/Equipment
3.1 High/medium-voltage, switch-gear: MPM100/MPM200
These kinds of switch-gears and cabinets are always located in the distribution room.
In this application: always use MPM200. Measuring current, voltage, power, energy, detect switch ON/OFF status, some scenarios also need harmonic wave record.
MPM100 will connect to communication devices to transfer the data via RS485 in MODUBUS protocol, MPM200 not only support wire, but also support wireless communication, which will insert Sim card, and transfer data through cellular network in TCP/IP.
Both MPM200 and MPM100 has relay outputs, support remote switch.
Smart Power Meter Solution
3.2 Low voltage system, Power supply cabinet, switch box, AC junction box: DEM100/130.
These kinds of cabinets or boxes are always located in the factory workshop or building strong electrical wells.
For electrical monitoring system, always need measuring voltage, current, power, energy, and need to detect the switch ON/OFF status.
For energy effective management system, always need measuring energy, to statistical energy consumption in each department.
Smart Power Meter Solution
4. EEMS--Energy Efficient Manage System
Smart Power Meter Solution
Power Monitoring and Analysis:
 Voltage—Ua, Ub, Uc, Uab, Ubc, Uca, 
 Voltage unbalance rate – UL-L unbal, UL-N unbal  
 Current—Ia, Ib, Ic, In 
 Current unbalance rate –I unbal 
 Active power – Pa, Pb, Pc, ∑P 
 Reactive power –Qa, Qb, Qc, ∑Q 
 Apparent power—Sa, Sb,Sc, ∑S 
 Power factor—PFa, PFb, PFc, ∑PF
 Active energy—kWh 
 Reactive energy– kvarh  
 Apparent energy - kVAh 
 Dual source kWh record seperately grid & generator supply (Import & export kWh) 
 Demand and Max. record for I, P, Q, S 
 31st harmonic, THD 
 2 DI, One RS485,
Even Recording:
 100 pcs SOE log  
 Voltage/frequency deviation record 
 Voltage unbalance rate record 
 Voltage unbalance rate record 
 Maximum demand record 
 Real-time maximum value record 
 Historical multi-tariff energy record
5.Smart Power Meter Application
5.1 Factory
 Project scale: 8 distribution room
 Using 86 pcs MPM200, and pcs 320 MPM100
 Customer benefit;
 Measuring the electrical values in real-time, set the threshold to alarm
 Detect the switch ON/OFF status, when status changed, update immediately.
Smart Power Meter Solution

5.2 Office building
Project scale: Building area: 12,000 m2
Using 120 pcs DEM130 and 650 pcs DEM100
Customer benefit:
 Know the energy consumption of each device/each floor/each department
 Calculate whether there is waste of electricity
 Read the data automatically, reduce the man-power
 Know how to use the electrical appliance in different time to fit to different rates

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