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F-PIC100 Power Meter
Design for Industrial Application
High-powered industrial 32 bits CPU
Embedded Real-Time Clock (RTC)
Power range: DC  18~72V
The internal power supply and the communication power supply all adopt the isolated power supply
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F-PIC100 power meter is a kind of  10kV distribution high voltage metering device which is based on voltage/current transformer and electromagnetic transformer. It is an important part of the line loss management system of 10KV distribution line, providing a solution for high-voltage energy measurement and real-time monitoring of equipment nodes such as segment point, branch point, switch devices on the column, ring main unit and so on. It integrates the functions of measurement, metering and communication, and supports RS232 or RS485 communication.
The active power measurement accuracy of the product conforms to the specification in GB/ T17215.322-2008 (Static active power meter: 0.5s); the passive power measurement accuracy of the product conforms to the specification in GB/ T17215.322-2008 (Static passive power meter : class 2) ; the communication complies with the DLT634.5101-2002.

Design for Industrial Application

◆High-powered industrial 32 bits CPU
◆Embedded Real-Time Clock (RTC)
◆Power range: DC  18~72V
◆The internal power supply and the communication power supply all adopt the isolated power supply
Stability and Reliability

◆ Support WDT design, keep the system stable
◆ RS232/RS485 ports:15KV ESD protection
◆Power port: reverse-voltage and over voltage protection.
◆Outage detection and low voltage detection
◆Built-in mini UPS can save important data in case of outage
◆ Conforms to the detection accuracy of the national standard

Standard and Convenience
◆ Some of the ports adopt industrial pluggable terminal interface, which is especially suitable for industrial field application
◆ Support standard RS232/RS485 ports that can connect to serial devices directly
◆Support intellectual mode, enter into communication state automatically when power is on
◆Convenient configuration and maintenance interface
◆Complete electrical parameter measurement function
◆ Measurement function of multi-type electrical energy data
◆ A clock circuit with a temperature complement is provided
◆  Support  automatic switching calendar, timing and leap year  
◆ Support  multiple measurement data freezing function
◆ Support multiple data storage
◆ Support  SOE
◆Support  RS485/RS232 communication
◆  Embed with the standard 101 protocol stack, support data transmission transparently
Standards Compliance
◆Q/GDW-11- 143 Communication protocol of power information acquisition and management system
◆Q/GDW 514 Power distribution automation terminal/substation function specification
◆DLT 634 5101-2002 Statute implementation rules
◆Q-GDW615-2011 Insulation performance, vibration performance, anti-interference performance are all complied
◆Immunity test of electrostatic discharge : Able to withstand class 4 test of GB/T 17626 2-2006
◆Radio frequency electromagnetic radiation immunity test: Able towithstand class 4 test of GB/T 17626.3-2006
◆Immunity test of fast transient pulse group disturbance : Able to withstand class4 test of GB/T 17626 4-2008
◆Surge (impact) immunity test: Able towithstand class 4 test of GB/T 17626 5-2008
◆Damping oscillation wave immunity test: Able to withstand class 4 test of GB/T 17626.12

◆ Metering monitoring of distribution lines: real-time monitoring and statistics of power consumption of lines

F-PIC100  power meter technical  specification

Item Specifications
Analog signal access way Electromagnetic transformer
Rated voltage 3X57.7/100V; 3X220V
Measurement range 0.05UN~1.3UN
Accuracy RMS 1%
Resolution 0.001V
Ratio In:1A; 5A
Measurement range 0.005In~Imax
Accuracy RMS 1%
Resolution 0.00001A
(Active  power、reactive  power、apparent power)
Accuracy 1%
Measurement range 45~55Hz
Accuracy 1%
Resolution 0.001Hz
Measurement range 0~1.000
Accuracy 1%
Resolution 0.001
Active power
Accuracy class 0.5S 
Resolution 0.001kWh
Reactive power
Accuracy class
Resolution 0.001kWh
Working voltage
Rated voltage DC48V/24V
Support  DC18V~72V ,
ripple wave less than 5%
Measuring voltage and current

F-PIC100 power meter has a built-in electromagnetic transformer,
the input voltage and current are isolated from the internal circuit,
the specific parameters are shown in the table.

Item Access way Parameters
Current       Electromagnetic transformer
Reference current
Electromagnetic transformer
Three-phase four-line:
Three-phase three-line
Constant  of pulse output

Voltage(V) Maximum current Recommend constant imp/kWh、imp/kvarh
3X57.5V/100 1.2 100000
3X57.5V/100 6 20000
3X100 1.2 100000
3X100 6 20000
3X220 1.2 30000
3X220 6 6400

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