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F-PM100 Multifunction Meter
F-PM-100 Series Intelligent Power Meter is widely used in various industries of power supply and distribution system, industrial automation and intelligent network monitoring system.F-PM-100 Series is designed to meet the rapid development demand of smart grid system. With features of superior quality, strong stability, high precision.
F-PM-100 Series Intelligent Power Meter provides full power acquisition, switching value monitoring, relay output function, and has a strong extended function. The users can flexibly select 2~31 harmonic analysis, off-limit alarm, SOE recording, electrical degree pulse output, demand statistics, etc. realize dual network communication, support online upgrade, save the power-off data, stably and seamlessly connect with various background system, perfectly implement site level distributed intelligent control to smart substation and unattended station.

  Product Features:
Apply to various voltage classes system under 110 kV, suit for a variety of power monitoring scenario.
High-level anti-interference capability, advanced AC sampling and digital filtering.
High precision and reliability, easy operation, cost effective.
User-settable CT/PT ratio.
High definition LCD screen display.
Adopt self-locking panel mounting mechanism, can be fixed without screws.
Provide 31 times voltage and current harmonic analysis.
Adapt to a variety of voltage classes and different wiring modes.
Standardized dimension and reasonable wiring design, easy to install and maintain.
Configuration in accordance with DIN 96×96 standard, shell depth 90mm.
Implement site realize distributed intelligent control, truly smart and unmanned operation substation.

  Outline and Installation Dimensions
  Outline Dimensions &(mm) Installation Dimensions
Outline and Installation Dimensions
F-PM-100A Outline Dimensions
Terminal Wiring definition
Ia* A phase current incoming line
Ia A phase current outgoing lineIb*
Ib* B phase current incoming line
Ib B phase current outgoing line
Ic* C phase current incoming line
Ic C phase current outgoing line
Ua A phase voltage
Ub B phase voltage
Uc C phase voltage
Un Neutral line
A RS485 communication positive
B RS485communication negative
COM Public port for input
DI1 Input 1
DI2 Input 2
DI3 Input 3
R11 Relay 1 output
R12 Relay 1 output
R21 Relay 2 output
R22 Relay 2 output
N/- Alternating power 220V neutral line or direct current 24V negative
L/+ Alternating power 220V live line or direct current 24V positive

Electric Wiring Diagram
F-PM-100 series meter supports multiple measuring wiring mode, and is described respectively by graphic method as below.
When measuring voltage is less than 300V (phase) / 520V (line), three-phase four-wire system no need to use PT but direct measurement.
When measuring zero sequence current, the using secondary circuit current of zero sequence current transformer is 0.02-1A.
Three-Phase Four-Wire System 3CT
Electric Wiring Diagram
3P4W / 3CT Wiring Diagram

Three-Phase Three-Wire System 3CT
Three-Phase Three-Wire System 3CT


Communication Mode

Communication Interface RS485
Communication Wiring Mode Two-wire system (RS485+, RS485-), Shielded twisted pair
Communication Working Mode half-duplex
Communication Rate 600/1200/2400/4800/9600/19200/38400bps
Node Capacity 32

Communication Wiring Reference Diagram
Wiring method refers to below, on the construction site, in order to prevent signal reflection, one resistor around 120 ohm is suggested in parallel wiring with RS-485 terminal for impedance matching.
   The total length of the RS485 communication line shall not be more than 1200 meters
    RS485 communication +, - must be properly connected, and shield must be well grounded

Order information

Measuremen Function Three-phase phase voltage (Ua, Ub, Uc)
Three-phase line voltage (Uab, Ubc, Uca)
Three-phase current and zero sequence current (Ia, Ib, Ic, I0)
The mean value of three-phase voltage and three-phase current (Avg)
System Frequency Three-phase power factor (PFa, PFb, PFc), system power factor (PF)
Three-phase active power (Pa, Pb, Pc), total active power (P)
Three-phase reactive power (Qa, Qb, Qc), total reactive power (Q)
Three-phase apparent power (Sa, Sb, Sc), total apparent power (S)
Three-phase active absolute energy (Wpa, Wpb, WPc), total active energy (Wp)
Three-phase reactive absolute energy (Wqa, Wqb, Wqc), total reactive energy (Wq)
Energy Metering Energy Metering
Three-phase active energy
Total active energy
Three-phase reactive energy
Total reactive energy
Harmonics Measurement and Analysis 2-31 secondary voltage, current harmonics
Input / Output Function Switch input: optical isolation input, dry contact
Relay output:5A / 250VAC or 5A / 30VDC
Measurement accuracy: 0.2 / 0.5 degree
Power input: 85V-265VAC/DC

The relevant standards need to identify
    CT rated standard input: 5A, succession overload 2 times; optional input: 1A, succession overload 2 times
    PT rated standard input: 220V or 100V
    Normally, the precision of F-PM-100 Series Power Meter is 0.5 degree, if you need 0.2 degree please specify when ordering
    F-PM-100 Series is only used in 380V low voltage system, thus CT secondary input is forced to 5A or 1A, please specify when ordering

F-PM-100 Series Order Form
Function Model F-PM-100A F-PM-100B F-PM-100C F-PM-100D
Three-Phase Phase Voltage
Three-Phase Wire Voltage
Three-Phase Current
Zero Sequence Current
Power Factor
Active/Reactive/Apparent Power
Active/Reactive Electrical Degree
Digit Inputs 3 3 3  
2 Relay Outputs    
31 Times Harmonic      
Demand Statistics      
SOE Recording      
Off-Limit Alarm      
Large Screen Liquid-Crystal Display

Main Technical Parameters
Operating Temperature ﹣25℃—+55℃
Storage Temperature ﹣40℃—+80℃
Humidity of work and storage ≤95%
Insulation Class Conform to EN61010-1 Standard
Class of Pollution 2
Power Supply 85—265VAC/DC
Operating Frequency 50/60Hz
Product Life ≥10 years
Dimension Display Panel: 96mm×96mm12mm (W×H×D)
Main Unit: 96mm×96mm×75mm (W×H×D)
Weight Approximately 400g
IP Degree IP20
Input Characteristics Current Measurement: 5A/1A (1A needs to specify when ordering)
Voltage Measurement: 57.7V/220V (AC line-neutral effective value)
Remote Communication Resolution: ≤1ms (SOE incident resolution)
Output Characteristics Breaking Parameters: 5A@250VAC,5A@30VDC Resistive Load
Communication Communication Interface: RS485
Communication Protocol: MODBUS-RTU
Communication Speed: 600/1200/2400/41080/9600/19200/38400bps
Meter Address Range: 1-254


Electromagnetic Property
IEC61000-4-2 (EN61000-4-2) Electrostatic Discharge Immunity Test Class 3
IEC61000-4-3 (EN61000-4-3) Radiated, Radio-Frequency, Electromagnetic Field Immunity Test Class 3
IEC61000-4-4 (EN61000-4-4) Electrical Fast Transient / Burst Immunity Test Class 3
IEC61000-4-5 (EN61000-4-5) Surge Immunity Test Class 3
EN55022 Conduction Radio-Frequency Disturbance Test Class B
EN55022 Radiation Radiofrequency Disturbance Test Class B


Measuring Technical Indicators
Parameters Precision Measurement Range
Voltage 0.2/0.5 0-999,999V
Current 0.2/0.5 0-49,999A
Power Factor 0.01 -1.0<|CosΦ|<+1.0
Active Power 0.5 Single Phase: 0-100MW; Total: 0-300MW
Reactive Power 0.5 Single Phase: 0-100Mvar; Total: 0-300Mvar
Apparent Power 0.5 Single Phase: 0-100MVA; Total: 0-300MVA
Electrical Degree 1.0 0-999,999,99KWh/kvarh
Frequency 0.05Hz 45-65Hz


Use Manual

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