Protocol Convert Gateway Solution

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  DPU100 is the ideal protocol convert gateway for connecting serial devices to an IP-based ethernet or cloud, convert one protocol to another protocol, making it possible for gathering the data, and transfer the data to SCADA or other management systems, like energy efficiency system, electrical power monitoring system, etc.

  DPU100 is widely use in some data acquisition and protocol transfer scenarios, especially in which has many kinds of meters, and many kinds of protocols, such as distribution-room, substation, these scenarios all have relays, power meters, and other devices. Sometimes, it can be used to connect to the single device, such as recloser controller which is install on the 10kV pole.



  Various interface, RS485/232, DI/DO, LAN, WIFI

  Ethernet and 2G/3G/4G are both available

  Connects up to 60 serial devices

  Support advanced router function

  Compatible with MODBUS/IEC101/IEC104/DNP3.0

  Provide customized-protocol service

  Flexible configuration, without programing knowledge

Protocol convert gateway
Typical Topology

  DPU100 connects the power meters, relays, temperature/humidity meters and some other controllers via LAN, RS485/RS232, DI/DO and WIFI. It gathers data via MODBUS-RTU, IEC103 or customized protocols.

  DPU100 connects the SCADA (local or cloud) via WAN or 2G/3G/4G. It transfers data via IEC104, DNP3.0 or the other TCP/IP-based protocols.

  DPU100 is the bridge between the sensors and application software system.

Protocol convert gateway solution

Application Scenarios

  1) Distribution-room electrical monitoring system

  Monitor the status of medium voltage switch-gears, low voltage cabinet, transformer, environment; gather the data such as voltage, current, active power, reactive power, power factor, frequency, energy, transformer temperature, room humidity. etc.

Distribution-room electrical monitoring system

  2) Micro-grid system (Wind power/photovoltaic generation)

  Monitor the status of solar panel, invertor; gather the data such as active power, reactive power, power factor, frequency, generated energy, etc.

Micro-grid system

  3) Building energy efficiency system:

  Monitor the status of power consumption; gather the data such as energy, demand, peak electricity fee, time of use, etc.

Building energy efficiency system

  4) Substation automation system

  Monitor the status of medium voltage switch-gears, transformer, environment; gather the data such as voltage, current, active power, reactive power, power factor, frequency, SOE, transformer temperature, etc.

Substation automation system

Project and Customer Benefit

  Electrical monitoring system of Water Plant (Anhui, China): the project consists of some kinds of primary equipment, like 10kV medium voltage switch-gears, 380V low voltage cabinets, transformers, UPS, to monitor and control primary equipment, there are some secondary devices, like relay, multi-function power meter, transformer controller, etc. DPU100 act as a key device in this project, it connect all of the secondary devices, gather data through different protocol, and convert it to IEC104, transfer to SCADA via WAN interface.

  DPU100 help to satisfying the growing demand of electrical monitoring in water plant, improve the reliable and safe of the power system.


Electrical monitoring system of Water Plant

  Distribution-network automation (Turkey):

  The distribution voltage level are between 13kV-33kV,to improve automation of overhead line, the utility plan to replace the old type switch to the automatic recloser, There for, the new recloser controller need to communication with SCADA. There are 2 main problems:

  1) The recloser controller only support MODBUS, the SCADA only support IEC104

  2) It is hard to lay the fiber or network to each pole

  The DPU100 has solved these 2 main problem perfectly, it connect to recloser controller with serial port, and connect to SCADA by 2G/3G/4G, and convert the MODBUS to IEC104, so that the recloser controller can communication with SCADA stably. The status of switch and electrical value can easily update to SCADA, SCADA also can send the remote control command to recloser.

  The DPU100 has largely improve the automation of the distribution system, helped the customer to achieve high operational efficiency, reduce the man-power.

Distribution-network automation

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