Multifunctional bird-repellent fault indicator solution Background

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Multifunctional bird-repellent fault indicator solution
The distribution of power distribution lines in China is extremely widespread. With the emergence of many birds nesting or defecation on poles, overhead lines often
trigger grounding or short-circuit faults, leading to power tripping accidents.
Overhead lines often fail due to birds that cannot be driven away in time

It is difficult to maintain power grids in regions with large spans and complicated lines.

Fourfaith multifunctional bird-repellent fault indicator solution is to integrate ultrasonic buzzer, temperature and humidity sensor, wind speed sensor and other equipment on the collection unit in the distribution line condition monitoring system. The data collected by the sensor will be collected with the unit data. Uploaded to the main station system together, personnel can monitor the line fault location and fault type, the working status of the ultrasonic buzzer, the temperature and humidity of the equipment environment, and the wind speed situation through the monitoring system platform. An ultrasonic buzzer installed on the collection unit, which emits ultrasonic waves upwards, can effectively drive birds staying or nesting on utility poles. 
Help line hunters find fault points quickly, reduce power outage time, and improve power supply reliability.
The indicator is epoxy cast, IP grade reaches IP68, suitable for long-term outdoor harsh environment, can be installed with power, self-powered, accurate and reliable monitoring.
The system can monitor the line status in real time, quickly locate and prompt the fault location, and cooperate with APP applications, mobile phone SMS push alerts and other prompts to improve the user experience.
The working time of the ultrasonic peak sounder is adjustable, which can effectively drive birds nesting or staying on the utility poles, and reduce the transmission failure caused by birds.
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