LoRa Fault Indicator Solution

Release time:2020-01-07 08:27:00

When power line fault happen, the local fault indicator must judge whether the type of fault is close by observing whether the flag is flipped or flashing. This will increase the danger of line inspectors in dangerous areas such as mountains; Due to the unstable signal in remote areas, terminal data is affected during transmission, and a DCU must be provided at each monitoring point, causing an increase in the cost of erection equipment.




This solution is equipped with LoRa gateway and LoRa module on the power distribution line condition monitoring system. In order to improve the time-consuming and labor-intensive work of personnel patrolling the line, this solution can use a handheld computer -an industrial tablet computer, along a long distance (over 1.5km) ) Patrol the fault indicator of the power distribution line. The fault indicator has a built-in LoRa wireless communication module, and the tablet computer is connected to the LoRa gateway, so that the tablet computer can obtain the telemetry and remote signaling data of each fault indicator along the line through LoRa communication. The LoRa fault indicator solution integrates the characteristics of the local fault indicator and the remote fault indicator, which can not only check the status of the indicator from a long distance, but also reduce the equipment cost. 
Data storage, historical data can be checked.


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