FTU Monitoring Application

Release time:2016-03-22 13:31:00

Background Introduction

Automatic managing system of power distribution integrates real info, offline info, customer info, power net construction parameter and location info, and then forming a complete automatic managing system. This system can monitor, protect, control and mange power distribution in the circumstance of normal operation and accidental situation. It is a unified system of real automatic power distribution and power distribution managing system. The transmission device used in this project is Xiamen Four-Faith F2514(TD-SCDMA IP MODEM), FTU is from a Nanjing company(IPACS-5612), monitoring software is from Nanrui, the related data from FTU is transmitted to data center through wireless transmission module.
FTU Monitoring Application

Why Four-Faith?

1. Always online: support online detect and auto dial, to guarantee device is always online and no guarder needed.
2. Support multi-center transmission: support multi data center transmission at the same time(5 data centers), convenient for administration department to use & control  the data.
3. High adaptability: Metal housing, IP30 protection, high & low temperature resistance, corrosion-proof, and suitable for complicated outdoor sites.
4. Remote control: Through wireless network to realize remote monitoring and system maintenance, largely lower the maintenance cost.

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