Four-Faith Cable distribution line condition monitoring solution

Release time:2017-12-29 11:51:37

Project background

Cable line status monitoring is related to the safe operation of the distribution network. With the gradual deepening of smart grids, the requirements for cable line maintenance have evolved from the earliest post-accident maintenance and preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance and fault location. Constructing a stable and reliable distribution line status monitoring system will play a role in overall planning and scientific analysis of the operation of power lines.
Solution Introduce

The state monitoring system of Four-Faith cable distribution line is composed of acquisition unit, collection unit and master station system. When the cable fault indicator detects short circuit and ground fault characteristics in the line, it will immediately flash and alarm on the spot. At the same time, the fault information will be transmitted to the aggregation unit via short-distance RF wireless or optical fiber, and the aggregation unit will upload it via 2.5G/3G/4G To the main station system.
Solution advantage
1、Real-time monitoring of lines, visualization of fault points
Real-time monitoring of line status to prevent line failures; combined with GIS system positioning to quickly and accurately locate faulty sections; the first time to determine the type of fault and release fault information to help operation and maintenance personnel quickly rush to the scene to eliminate the fault。

2、Remote configuration, efficient management
You can configure the device remotely without visiting the site, including setting operating parameters, such as heartbeat interval, upload time interval during telemetry, transient fault reset time, permanent fault power-on reset time, etc.; at the same time, remote upgrades and maintenance procedures can be performed. Greatly improve management efficiency.

3、Panel with low battery flop warning function
When the battery voltage is lower than the set value, the panel indicator immediately flips to indicate that the battery needs to be replaced.

4、Support optical fiber communication, data transmission is more stable
Collecting fault indicator information through optical fiber communication ensures the safety and reliability of data transmission.




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