Distribution Cabinet and Ring Main Unit Online Monitoring

Release time:2018-01-03 09:42:19

In general, Distribution Cabinet/RMU are generally installed in densely-loaded industrial and mining enterprises, ports, airports, urban public buildings, highways, underground facilities and residential quarters and other places, so it’s necessary to remote monitoring the distribution/RMU. However, the layout of the wired network can not be achieved basically, especially in the remote suburbs laying optical fiber network is much more difficult to achieve, and its cost is extremely high.

ring main unit solution

Multiple Connection Terminal & Sensor

In accordance with the product design concept of “Give Me a Serial Port, Reward You the Whole World”, We design the multiple connection terminal using the communication technology. The multiple connection terminal can completely solve the wiring difficulty and communication problems for the distribution carbinet / RMU online monitoring process wiring. It’s an integrated solution for data acquisition, network communications, real-time monitoring of equipment status and provide a basis for equipment reliability. Compared to the original wired communication, a large number of monitoring module has obvious Advantages and reduce the cost of laying fiber-optic network.


Wiring is not necessary. It can not only reduce the construction difficulty but also the project cost;
You can solve the monitoring equipment network communication problems by managing a serial port and this bring you light management work;

You can integrate with all sensor manufacturers, intelligent switch manufacturers and equipment by configuring only one terminal product and avoid the technical route between devices when is not the same as the result of unsuccessful interface intermodulation;


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