Smart Mobile Substation Solution

Release time:2017-12-28 15:51:56

Due to the changing working place of mobile substations and the harsh working environment, the normal optical fiber wired monitoring technology can not achieve the expected results. The development of remote intelligent substation monitoring system based on digital information technology, wireless communication technology, Internet technology and cloud computing technology provides a safe and convenient remote monitoring product for customer's equipment monitoring, operation and maintenance and management, which can ensure real-time online  monitoring of equipment status, timely and accurate alarm when the equipment failure or imminent failure so that the maintainer can carry out maintenance work in the shortest time to avoid major economic losses caused by equipment failure.

Smart Mobile Substation Solution

No need of wiring arrangement and it allows real-time communication within the region easily;
Use of wireless communication technology, flexible automatic networking to ensure the online real-time monitoring of substation equipment;

It is fully compatible with intelligent devices such as switches and main transformers to achieve seamless integration between devices and reduce the difficulty of the interfacial debugging of device integrated interfaces.
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