Application of Recloser in Distribution Automation System

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Application of Recloser in Distribution Automation System

Product introduction:
Recloser is a kind of intelligent switch equipment used in distribution network automation. Four-Faith F-FTU200 series can detect fault current, disconnect the fault current within a set time, and perform a given number of recloses. A control switch with "own" capability. The so-called "self-contained" means that the recloser itself has the capability of fault current detection and operation sequence control and execution, without additional relay protection devices and additional operating power sources, and does not need to communicate with the outside world. When the line has a short circuit fault, it will open and close in sequence and time interval.

When a permanent fault is encountered, after completing the predetermined operating sequence, if the reclosing fails, it will be locked in the open state to isolate the accident section; when the fault is removed, manual reset is required to release the lock. If it is a transient fault, in the cyclic opening and closing operation, if there is no successful reclose, the subsequent opening and closing actions will be terminated, and the initial setting state will be restored after a certain delay, which is the next fault Be prepared for the advent of a recloser that can perform multiple opening and closing cycles according to the pre-set sequence of actions。
Product topology:



Product Features:
1. Recloser is a highly automated equipment, similar to circuit breakers in breaking performance, but has added multiple reclosing functions. It can be used with vacuum circuit breakers and SF6 circuit breakers to determine the nature of the fault. Automatic action
2. In terms of protection and control characteristics, it can complete fault detection, judge the nature of the current, perform switching functions, have automatic functions and protection control functions, without additional operating devices
3. It is especially suitable for substation feeder outgoing line and installation on the line. It implements the coordinated action of the recloser and the recloser, and the recloser and the sectionalizer. When the line fails, it can be automatically opened and reclosed for multiple times to control. Significantly improve power supply reliability
4. Self-provided operating power supply, not affected by power failure of the line.
5. High degree of automation, low maintenance workload



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