Application of Fourfaith dehumidifier in power distribution equipment

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Application of Fourfaith dehumidifier in power distribution equipment
Ring main unit, central cabinets, cable branch boxes, etc. are important transmission and distribution electrical equipment for urban power infrastructure. Condensation often occurs during use, causing creepage and flashover accidents. The service life has a great impact, so the stable operation of the power grid system is difficult to be guaranteed.

Requirement Analysis

The humidity in some areas is high, the weather temperature changes greatly, the bottom of the switch cabinet is wet, and some cable trenches even have accumulated water;
Some switchgears are placed in the basement with high humidity, and the temperature inside the cabinet, especially the temperature close to the ground, is lower than the ambient temperature;
Some equipment is temporarily out of service, and the ambient temperature in the electrical cabinet is lower than the ambient temperature, and condensation is likely to form on its surface.

Solution Introduction

The application scheme of the Fourfaith dehumidifier in the power distribution equipment adopts the semiconductor refrigeration and dehumidification method, actively sucks the humid air in the enclosed space into the dehumidification air duct under the action of the fan, and the water vapor in the air passes through the semiconductor refrigeration mechanism to condense into water, and then passes through the water guide Out of the cabinet, the ideal dehumidification effect can be achieved. By reducing the water content in the air, the scheme reduces the relative humidity and absolute humidity at the same time, hardly raises the temperature, does not produce the negative effects of temperature differences, fundamentally eliminates or reduces the occurrence of accidents, and does not accelerate the cabinet due to high temperature Aging of internal devices and cabinets. Four letter intelligent dehumidification device changed the passive anti-condensation method to actively guide condensate, effectively preventing hidden safety hazards such as equipment aging, reduced insulation strength, secondary terminal breakdown, material mildew and corrosion of steel structural parts in the cabinet, to ensure Safe operation of equipment in the cabinet.
Software platform features


parameter settings

Temperature alarm threshold: When the

temperature in the ring network cabinet

exceeds the set threshold, remind the


Humidity alarm threshold: When the

humidity exceeds the set threshold,

remind the staff. When the humidity

reaches the starting value of the

dehumidifier, the dehumidifier starts and

the humidity decreases.

Humidity hysteresis: when the humidity

drops to a certain range, the

dehumidifier stops dehumidification.

Alarm message sending
When the dehumidification device detects that the temperature or humidity

in the cabinet is too high, it will actively send information to the main station,

and the public account will push related alarm information. The information

content includes: alarm time, address or cabinet number of the

corresponding ring main unit, and specific events .

Equipment management

You can check the working status and online status of the hardware device

through the background, and perform maintenance operations such as

adding, modifying, and deleting device information.
Solution value

1  Real-time monitoring of the cabinet environment and active control of the equipment to automatically adjust the ring main unit environment;
2、Check the status of the ring main unit anytime and anywhere with the mobile phone public account;
3、Send alarm information in time to help O & M personnel respond quickly to equipment maintenance.

Related Products
Fourfaith Smart dehumidifier
Built-in high efficiency thermoelectric conversion

semiconductor, high dehumidification efficiency;

Small size, easy to install, suitable for ring main unit,

branch box, control cabinet, etc .;

Support automatic control of temperature and humidity

conditions, effectively reduce energy consumption;

Support RS485 communication interface to realize

remote monitoring and control.
1  Real-time monitoring of the cabinet environment and active control of the equipment to automatically adjust the ring main unit environment;
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