Transmission Tower Anti-Tilt Monitoring Solution

Release time:2019-10-22 09:56:52

Project background
The geological and meteorological environments of transmission line corridors are complex, often accompanied by natural disasters such as ice disasters, snow disasters, mudslides, landslides, heavy rains, strong winds, etc., which may easily lead to tower tilt or tower collapse accidents.

Solution requirements
1、The rainy season is long and it is prone to landslides, collapses, and mudslides.

2、The low temperature and it is prone to ice disasters and snowstorms.
Ice Disaster

Snow Disaster
3、Strong winds, the tower is easy to deform and collapse.
Tower tilted 

Tower collapsed

Solution Introduction
The Four-Faith Transmission Tower Anti-Tilt Monitoring Solution consists of two parts: the front-end monitoring device and the remote platform. The front-end device includes a tilt sensor, a micro-meteorological sensor, a control host, wind energy and solar energy equipment. The platform side includes a server, a screen wall, and a mobile device. The wind energy and solar energy equipment provide power for the control host and the sensor. The control host obtains the tilt state and environmental meteorological data collected by the tilt sensor and the micro weather sensor in real time and transmits the data to the server. The server analyzes the data in real time and finally views it on the large screen or the mobile terminal.

Solution Value

Comprehensive Collect Data
♦ The front-end monitoring device can comprehensively collect the horizontal and slanting data of the tower; and collect data such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, and air pressure.
Remote control, on-site restore is more convenient
The background system software is designed in a mixed mode of B/S and C/S. Line management personnel can remotely browse live video at any time through the Internet network, and remotely control the camera orientation, which greatly improves the convenience of line monitoring work.


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