What Is The After-Sales Service Of Four-Faith

Release time:2017-09-26 16:54:52

The after-sales service of Four-Faith includes:

1) fault response for emergency. Due to various causes of product failure, our technical staff will be quick in response to the problems and deal with it in time, .

2) technical advice, communication. According to the needs of users, we could have technical communication in aspect of system construction,operation and maintenance issues through e-mail, telephone, seminars and other means.

3) we will provide maximum technical guidance and technical support. During the operation of the system equipment, we will regularly send technical personnel to the site to guide the maintenance work according to the need.

4) technical service after the warranty period

After the warranty period, we will still provide technical services to the user s according to the requirements of the contract. If the buyer wishes to continue to purchase the equipment or spare parts of the seller, we will provide a reasonable special price to the buyer.
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