The application of Fourfaith three-phase electrical parameter module

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The application of Fourfaith three-phase electrical parameter module in the monitoring of oilfield beam pumping unit
With the development of industry in recent years, the wider distribution of oil production wells has also led to the gradual increase in the number of beam pumping units, and in some areas, the distribution range of beam pumping unit is more scattered, and their monitoring is facing greater challenges. Stable, efficient and economical operation is directly related to oilfield production safety and economic benefits. The traditional local method of electric energy monitoring of the beam pumping unit is no longer suitable for the needs of existing oilfield operations. The use of system solutions with remote monitoring functions will effectively avoid economic losses caused by sudden failures.
Industry Requirement
Small number and centralized power monitoring of the beam pumping units(RS485 wired)
Large number and centralized power monitoring of the beam pumping units(LoRa wireless)
Relatively independent power monitoring of the beam pumping unit (NB-IOT/2G/3G/4G wireless)
Solution Introduction
The application scheme of Fourfaith three-phase electric parameter module in oilfield beam pumping unit monitoring consists of three-phase electric parameter module, wired/wireless intelligent gateway, wireless LoRa/NB-IoT/2G/3G/4G network, server, screen wall, mobile device composition. The three-phase electrical parameter module has RS485 version, LoRa version, NB-IOT/2G/3G/4G version, the RS485 version is installed in a small number and concentrated beam pumping unit distribution box, and the LoRa version is installed in a large and concentrated beam pumping unit. The unit distribution box, NB-IOT/2G/3G/4G version is installed in a relatively independent beam pumping unit distribution box. The electrical parameter data of the three versions reach the server through RS485, LoRa, NB-IOT/2G/3G/4G respectively , And finally displayed on the curtain wall of the monitoring center or on the mobile terminal APP. Among them, RS485 and LoRa need to use the gateway to send the data to the server.
Solution Value
Remote real-time monitoring to ensure the safe and stable operation of the oil field beam pumping unit;
The combination of wired and wireless methods to meet the power monitoring of oil field beam pumping unit in various scenarios;

Strong expansibility, to meet the increase and deletion of the monitoring point of the beam pumping unit;


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