• F-PQA100 Power  Quality Analyzer
Power Quality Analyzer F-PQA100
Power Quality Analyzer F-PQA100 Main Function:
  • Class A Power Quality Measurement: Harmonic and inter-harmonic, voltage deviation, frequency deviation, unbalance,  fluctuation and flicker, transient disturbances, EN50160 statistics
  • Class 0.2s Accuracy: Harmonic, ,fundamental harmonic, sub-harmonics energy
  • High Resolution Failure Record:  support 1024 point/cycle,  Min.tansient disturbance record for 20us 
  • Failure Diagnose Location: support voltage sag source, harmonic source,  flicker source, asymmetric source location and power supply failure type diagnose
  • Full Real-time Data Measurement 
  Power Quality Analyzer F-PQA100 Application:
  • Power Quality Management System
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Energy Supply failure analysis
  • Voltage Sag Source Location
  • Transient disturbances location

Power Quality Analyzer F-PQA100 Feature:
Power Quality Analyzer F-PQA100

Power Quality Analyzer F-PQA100 Advantage:
Power Quality Analyzer F-PQA100

Specially for 380V~35kV voltage level's industry and commercial building
High-density sampling frequency,  can record instantaneous, transient voltage disturbance
Bulk memory function, can dynamic record each even 
Class A harmonica content function, harmonic measure times with high accuracy 
Powerful function,  combine multifunction power meter + energy meter + power quanlity analyzer + failure recorder into one 
Power Quality Analyzer F-PQA100 Interface:
Power Quality Analyzer

Power Quality Analyzer F-PQA100 Dimensions:
Power Quality Analyzer


Power Quality Analyzer F-PQA100 Measurement Parameters:

Power Quality Analysis and location Wave Sampling  1024 points/cycle wave
Harmonic   2~63rd Harmonic, harmonic ratio, phase angle, total harmonic distortion (THD), 
 total odd / even harmonic distortion
Inter-Harmonics   2~63rd Inter-harmonic, harmonic ratio, Total inter-harmonic distortion
Voltage Sag/Swell/Stop   Waveform record, DO alarm, timing record, record voltage sag/ swell's start time,
 stop time, duration time and their Max. and Min. value and voltage variation depth
 Transient Capture  Capture 20us circle wave transient, trigger/ DO port, waveform record, record
 voltage transient happen time, amplitude and durantion time etc.
 Unbalance  Voltage, current unbalance and zero sequence unbalance 
 Voltage / Frequency Deviation  Setpoint alarm and record
 Repid Voltage Alteration  Trigger DO point, waveform record 
 Voltage Fluctuation and Flick Analysis   Calculate long time flicker Plt and Short time Pst
 Sag Source Location   Can locate power supply side or load side abnormal and fault 
 Measurement Channel  Voltage   4 Channels 
 Current   4 Channels
 Real-time Data   Voltage  Phase / line / average voltage, phase angle, refresh time : 1s, 0.5s circle waveform 
 Current  Phase / average current, phase angle, refresh time: 1s, 1 circle waveform
 Active power, Reactive power,
 Apperant Power 
 Phase & total poower, refresh time: 1s,  1 circle waveform 
 Power Factor   Phase & total power factor,  refresh time: 1s,  1 circle waveform 
 Frequency  50/60Hz, refresh time:  1s,  1 circle waveform 
 Energy  Energy  Positive / Negative active, reactive, apparant energy ; Positive / Negative base  
 wave active, reactive energy 
 Harmonic Energy   2~31st positive active, reactive harmonic energy, Negative active, reactive
 harmonic energy
 History Energy  Storage latest 30 days and latest 12 months history energy data 
 Multi-tariff energy   4 tariff, 8 time period, 2 time zone 
 Demand  Real-time Demand  Has fixed window and slid window record volue including: three phase current,  total active power, total reactive power, total apparant power, support real-time demand and predict demand, Max. demand and happend time, support DI  demand synchronization
 Predict Demand   Predict next demand circle value according to present real-time active power
 value. Interval demand fixed circle: 15min.
 Data and Evern Record  Memory   8G
 Max. / Min Record   This month and last month Max./Min. value and happen time 
 SOE Record  1024 records, time resolution: 1ms
 PQ Record  1024 records, time resolution: 1ms
 Waveform Record  Circle wave before failure is settable, Waveforme record mode as below:
 1: 1024 points / circle wave @ 50 circle wave: 2: 512 points/circle wave @ 100 circle wave;3: 256 points/circle wave @ 200 circle wave; 4: 128 points/circle wave  @ 400 circle wave;5: 64 points/circle wave @ 800 circle wave; 6: 32 points/circle  wave @ 1600 circle wave;7: 16 points/circle wave @ 3200 circle wave
 Transit Wave Record  256 piece
 ITIC Curve  1 Group
 EN50160 Statistics Function  In accordance with EN 50160 power quality standard, Statistics voltage, frequency, harmonic, flicker, deviation, unbalance and voltage disturbance passed rate and other power quality index
 Mark Function   Mark voltage sag/ swell/ stop etc. transit even data, statistics by customer
 DI/ DO  Digital Input (DI)  8 Channels
 Relay Output (DO)  4 Channels
 Display  Optocoupler Output  2 Channels
 Display  LCD colorful interface, display measurment value, harmonic bar chat, vetorgram, time record, I/O status, ITIC waveform etc. resolution: 640 * 480
 Communication   RS485 Port   2, baud rate:1200~38400bps, MODBUS-RTU protocol
 Ethernet Port  1, Modbus TCP/ IEC61850 (optional), support Ethernet Gateway
 Time calibration  Software Time Calibration  SNTP, Modbus
 Hardware Time Calibration  GPS pulse, IRIG-B signal

Power Quality Analyzer F-PQA100 Technical Specification:

Power Supply
Rated Voltage AC85~265, DC100~300V, 45~65Hz
Power Loss <10W
AC Input
Input Voltage Rated voltage 0~400V(400V L/N / 690V L/L)
Overload 1.2 Un, Continuous; 4Un, accept 1s
Power loss <0.1VA/Phase
Input Current Rated Current 5A, 1A
Overload 4In, Continuous; 10In, accept 1s
Power loss <0.5VA/Phase@5A, <0.1VA/@1A
DI  8 Channel, time resolution 1ms
RO1-RO4 Relay, action / return time: <10ms
DO1-DO2 Breaking Capacity:250VA/30VDC,0.2A,L/R=20ms Max. voltage 30VDC. Max. current 50mA
Volage/ Current ±0.1% Harmonic  Class A
Active/ Reactive/ Apparant power ±0.2% Voltage Unbalance Rate ±0.1%
Active Energy Class 0.2s Current Unbalance Rate ±0.5%
Reactive Energy  Class 2 Voltage Deviation ±0.1%
Power Factor  ±0.5% Frequency Deviation ±0.005Hz
Frequency ±0.005Hz Fliker  ±5%
RS485 port  2 Port, 2400-38400bps, Modbus-RTU protocol
Ethernet Port 1 port, Modbus TPC / IEC61850 (optional). Support Ethernet gateway
Electrical Insulation Performance
Dielectric strength 2kV voltage, 1 minute (GB/T 14598)
Insulation resistance No less than 100MΩ (GB/T 14598)
Impulse voltage 6kV,1.2/50μs(GB/T 14598)
Temperature -10℃~+55℃ Humidity 5%~95%
Storage -40℃~+85℃ Pressure 70kPa~110kPa
IP Index Front: IP52
Side & Back: IP30
Measure mode 3 phase 4 wire
3 phase 3 wire
Electromagnetic Compatibility
Electrostatic discharge immunity IEC 6100-4-2   Class IV
Radio frequency electromagnetic radiation immunity  IEC 6100-4-3   Class IV
Fast transient burst immunity IEC 6100-4-4   Class IV
Surge immunity  IEC 6100-4-5   Class IV
Frequency magnetic field immunity  IEC 6100-4-8   Class IV
Mechanical Character
Vibration response Class I (GB/T 11287)
Vibration durable Class I (GB/T 11287)
Impact response Class I (GB/T 14537)
Collision response Class I (GB/T 14537)



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