• F-DEM130 Din Rail Three Phase Energy Meter
  • F-DEM130 Din Rail Three Phase Energy Meter-2
  • F-DEM130 Din Rail Three Phase Energy Meter-3
  • F-DEM130 Din Rail Three Phase Energy Meter-4
F-DEM130 DIN Rail Three Phase Energy Meter
Basic Function:

  • Suit for 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V AC low voltage system 
  • 7 +1 digits LCD display (9999999.9 kWh)
  • Measure and display  V, I, P, PF, F, kWh, kvarh, Multi-tariff energy value 
  • Q,S can be read via RS485
  • Record historical energy for latest  31 days ,  latest 12 months and latest 10  years
  • kWh accuracy class 1.0
  • 2 LED indicates pulse ((Settable for kWh or kvarh))
  • LCD display prompt for phase sequence error 
  • 3 keys for programming , 35mm DIN rail installing, standard DIN ED5002
  • High temperature resistant materials
  • One RS485 port, MODBUS protocol
  • Standard:  IEC62053-21/ 23
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  Dimension & Installation:

Dinmension and Installation of Din Rail Three Phase Energy MeterOrder Inforation:

Order Information of Din Rail Three Phase Energy Meter

Technical Specification:

Rated Current Direct: 5(63) Or 5(6)A via CT Connection Mode 3-phase 4-wire
Rated Voltage AC 220V ph-N or 120V ph-N (Optional) Pulse Output 2 channels (Settable for kWh or kvarh)
Frequency 50/60Hz (Optional), range: 47~65Hz Starting Current 0.4%Ib (direct connect), 0.2%Ib (via CT)
Burden <2W Power Frequency Withstand Voltage 2kV
Power Supply Self supply  (Note: RS485 won’t work, when connect 1 phase, )
For 220Vac (L-N), range: 184~276Vac
For 120Vac (L-N), range: 96~144V
Accuracy kWh accuracy: class 1.0
Communication RS485 serial, Modbus-RTU
Baud rate: 2400, 4800, 9600
Address: 1~247
Pulse constant 1000
Environment Operating temperature: -20℃~ +55 ℃
Storage temperature: -40℃~ +70 ℃
Humidity: 5%~95% non-condensing
Dimension 72*100*65mm
Standard (EMC) Electrostatic discharge immunity test              IEC 61000-4-2,Level 4
Radiated immunity test                                   IEC 61000-4-3,Level 3
Electrical fast transient/burst immunity test     IEC 61000-4-4,Level 4
Surge immunity test (1, 2/50μs~8/20μs)        IEC 61000-4-5,Level 4
Conducted emission                                        EN55022, Class B
Radiated emission                                           EN55022, Class B

Parameter Accuracy Resolution Measuring Range
Display  Data Voltage 0.2% 0.01V For 220Vac (L-N), range: 184~276Vac
For 120Vac (L-N), range: 96~144V
Current 0.2% 0.001A Direct: 5(63),
Via CT: 5(6)A
Active Power 0.5% 0.1W 0~1MW
Power Factor 0.5% 0.001 -1.000~+1.000
Frequency 0.01 0.01Hz 47~65Hz
Active Energy Class 1 0.1kWh 0~9999999.9 kWh
Reactive Energy Class 2 0.1kvarh 0~9999999.9 kvarh
Communication Data Reactive Power 1.0% 0.1Var 0~1Mvar
Apparent Power 0.5% 0.1VA 0~1MvA



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