Four-Faith a new product debut—5G Intelligent Edge Gateway

Release time:2020-12-31 17:11:16

As the Internet of Things enters a stage of rapid development, the demand for massive data processing brought about by the explosive growth of IoT devices, as well as the demand for real-time data calculation, will inevitably promote another round of technological innovation in the field of Internet of Things. Edge computing technology is developing in line with the trend, changing the processing and data transmission methods of countless devices in the world, achieving the goal of a large number of devices working together efficiently. The increasing maturity of AI technology has continuously expanded its application fields, subtly improving the efficiency of human society, and accelerating the arrival of the intelligent world.

"4G changes life, 5G changes society", 5G communication technology brings social revolution, and it is also a catalyst for edge computing and artificial intelligence, accelerating the development and application of the above technologies. As a number of 5G application scenarios have blossomed, Four Faith has taken advantage of the victory and pursued it, relying on its outstanding self-research strength to launch another industry eye-catching work-F-IEG100 5G Intelligent Edge Gateway, which highly integrates 5G, edge computing, and AI technologies. Deepen the development direction of Intelligent Four-Faith Internet of Things products.

F-IEG100 5G Intelligent Edge Gateway is a product integrating 5G, AI, edge computing, communication management, local visualization and other cutting-edge technologies. Its functions cover "edge" and "end", and It is an important part of the whole intelligent iot system to realize cloud - edge collaboration, side - end linkage, computing power subsidence and regional autonomy which can be widely used in smart grids, smart factories and other fields.

  5G High-speed Communication

Support 5G eMBB/uRLLC high-bandwidth, low-latency communication, support 5G/wire switch
  AI Image Recognition

Work wear specifications, work behavior recognition, instrument indication status, foreign body intrusion recognition, etc.
  Robust edge computing

Running autonomous optimization, distribution transformer health analysis, dynamic loop linkage control, support customized algorithms and strategies
  Support Container/APP

Support at least 4 independent container functions and 64 independent APP applications
  Multiple IoT Interfaces

With LoRa gateway function, supporting wireless sensing access of sensors
  Multiple communication protocols

MODBUS/101/104/DLT645/MQTT/B Interfaces, etc.
   Visual interface

Power monitoring, dynamic ring monitoring, video display identification, alarm, user management, etc

CPU/ Memory/Gardware Acceleration ARM Framework 4 Cores / Frequency≥1GHz 8G memory, ≥6Tops Computing
5G Module 1*5G Module Support
Multi-serial Port 2*RS485/232 Multiplexing  Serial Port;4*LAN+1*WAN,10/100/1000M Adaptive Ethernet Port
1*Standard USB3.0 HOST Port
Support keyboard and mouse access
HDMI 1* Standard HDMI Interface for Display Access
Wi-Fi/LoRa Support 2.4g /5G Wi-Fi; Support LoRa gateway functionality (optional)
Other Ooptional State Grid Encryption, Beidou/GPS Time Synchronization, 1*2T Hard Drive, 1*128G TF Card

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