• Residual Current Monitor
F-EFD200 Multifunction Residual Current Monitor
The F-EFD200 multifunction residual current monitor is designed as an independent smart detector, applied to the electrical fire monitoring system to achieve real-time monitoring, alarm and protection of three-phase voltage, three-phase current, residual current and temperature. Sound and light alarm and fire linkage can be carried out to eliminate the potential danger of electrical fire. It can also upload the data to the superior fire monitoring system through the RS485 network to comprehensive analysis and process the data. The product provides multi-channel signal monitoring, which can be combined with 3 phase voltage input, 3 phase current input, 1-channel residual current input and 4-channel temperature input to adapt to various field applications. The product is compact in size, easy to install, comprehensive in function and cost-effective, save a lot of investment and space for users.
The performance of F-EFD200 residual current monitor conforms to China national standards: GB14287.2 - 2014, electrical fire monitoring system part 2: residual electrical fire monitoring detector, and GB14287.3 - 2014, electrical fire monitoring system part 3: temperature measurement electrical fire monitoring detector.
This power monitor has been widely used in power system, environmental monitoring, industrial automation, building automation, medium-low voltage power distribution automation and other areas.
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  Industrial-Grade Design
  • Adopt high performance industrial wireless module
  • Adopt high performance industrial 32-bit enhanced processor
  • Adopt professional metrology chip
  • Built-in real time clock (RTC)
  • Adopt ABS flame retardant enclosure
  • Wide power input

Powerful Functions
  • Provide 3 phase   voltage input, 3 phase current input, 3-channel residual current input, 1-channel temperature input, 1-channel CAN bus or RS485
  • Support large capacity storage expansion function
  • Interactive management: Remote management of platform

Stable & Reliable
  • WDT watchdog design, guarantee the system stability
  • Input power has over - current protection and over - voltage protection

Standard Interface & Easy to-Use
  • Adopts industrial terminal interface, particularly suitable for industrial application
  • With CAN bus and RS485 interface, can communicate directly with the corresponding monitor
  • Support for LoRa and NB-IoT communications
  • Support serial software upgrade and distance maintenance

Standard Compliance
  • Electrostatic Discharge Immunity. In accordance with GB/T 17626.2-2006 (IEC 61000-4-2:2001), the severity rating is 3.
  • Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation Immunity. In accordance with GB/T 17626.3-2016 (IEC 61000 -4-3:2006), the severity level is 3.
  • Electrical Fast Transient Pulse Group Immunity. In accordance with GB/T 17626.4-2008 (IEC 61000-4-4:2004), the severity level is 3.
  • Surge Immunity. According to GB/T 17626.5-2008 (IEC 61000-4-5:2005), the severity rating is 3.
  • Radio Frequency Transduction Immunity. In accordance with GB/T 17626.6-2008 (IEC 61000-4-6:2006), the severity level is 3.
  • Power Frequency Magnetic Field Immunity. In accordance with GB/T 17626.8-2006 (IEC 61000-4-8:2001), the severity rating is 4.
  • Voltage Sag and Short Supply Interruption and the Voltage Change Immunity. According to GB/T 17626.11-2008 (IEC 61000 - 4-11:2004), category 3 standard.

Product Function
  • Real-time Monitoring, Power Monitoring. The F-EFD200 residual electrical fire monitoring detector can simultaneously measure the three-phase voltage of one circuit, the three-phase current of one circuit, the residual current of one circuit and the temperature of four circuits, and display the current value in real time.
  • Alarm Protection Function. When the residual current value of the electrical fire monitoring detector of F-EFD200 exceeds the limit, it will send an audible and visual alarm, which can cut off the loop power supply within the specified time to ensure the safety of electricity consumption.
  • Pre-alarm Function. When the residual current in the controlled circuit reaches the preset warning value, the warning light signal is issued, which enables the operator to timely deal with the abnormal situation of the main power distribution circuit and avoid unnecessary faults.
  • Alerts. When the voltage, current over limit, will issue overvoltage, undervoltage overcurrent alarm.
  • Communicating Function. The detection detector has a variety of communication functions, and can communicate with the monitoring equipment host of the company for networking, realizing remote management, maintenance, control and system upgrade.
Multifunction Residual Current Monitor


Standard and Frequency Band B1: 2100MHz
B3: 1800MHz
B5: 850MHz
B8: 900MHz
B20: 800MHz
Theoretical Bandwidth 100bps~100Kbps
Transmit Power 23dBm±2Db (Max)
Receive Sensitivity -129dBm
Standard and Frequency Band 433MHz
Communication Bandwidth Level 6 Adjustable (0.3,  0.6, 1.0, 1.8, 3.1, 5.5Kbps)
Communication Distance Indoor/urban communication distance: 1km
Outdoor/stadia communication distance: 3.5km
Transmit Power 20dBm(100mW)
Receive Sensitivity -140dBm

Hardware System
CPU Industrial-grade 32-bit enhanced processor

Interface Type
Communication RS485 (Optional CAN Bus) 1 RS485 interface with 15KV ESD protection built in. The serial port parameters are as follows:
Stop Bits: 1, 2
Check: no check, even check, odd check
Serial Port Rate: 1200~38400 Bits/s, Default: 9600 Bits/s
Serial Port Rate: 1200~38400bits/s, default: 9600bits/s
This device has 1 CAN bus interface, CAN bus communication is stable and reliable, and can communicate with other external devices to achieve various networking needs
NB-IoT Support full network access frequency band
LoRa Support 433, 470 frequency band
Human Interface LCD Using 128*32 LCD screen, display content is rich
Indicator Light 3 status indicators with "running", "communication" and "alarm"
Buzzer Fault alarm, detect abnormal alarm
Button 4 Buttons, "self-check/set", "muffler /+", "switch, -", "confirm/reset"
Application Interface Voltage 1 channel three-phase voltage, overvoltage (≥240V), undervoltage (≤190V), wrong phase
Electric Current 1 channel three-wire current, the current alarm value can be set
Residual Current 1 channel residual current transformer, alarm value setting range: 20 ~ 1000mA
Temperature 4 road temperature probe, measuring range: 0 ℃ ~ 150 ℃, alarm value setting range: 45 ~ 140 ℃
Power Interface At the terminal interface, the overcurrent protection ≥120% and overvoltage protection, which can be recovered
Note: Different types of accessories and interfaces may be different, subject to the real object.

Power Supply
Reference Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz
Power Supply Range AC85 - 264V

Power Consumption
Average Power Consumption <0.5W
Maximum Dynamic Power Consumption  

Physical Characteristics
Housing ABS flame retardant material, shell and system safety isolation, especially suitable for power field application
Dimensions 107x88x56.5mm (excluding antenna and mounting parts)
Weight About 550g (including mounting parts and packing)

Others Parameters
Operating Temperature -20~+70ºC 
Storage Temperature -30~+80ºC
Relative Humidity 5%~95% (Non-Condensing)

Order Information
F-EFD200 RS485(optional CAN bus)
F-EFD200-L-LR LoRa private protocol communications
F-EFD200-L-LW LoRaWan communication protocol
F-EFD200-NB-BL NB communication (Full Netcom)

Appendix A

A.1 Construction
The shape and installation dimensions of the equipment are 35mm track-type installation, which is convenient for users to install quickly. Please refer to the following figure for the specific installation dimensions. (unit: mm)

A.2 Terminals (18PIN spacing 5.08mm,3PIN spacing 8.5mm, 4PIN spacing 8.5mm)
Specification of upper terminal: 18PIN spacing 5.08mm
Down terminal specifications: 3PIN spacing 8.5mm, 4PIN spacing 8.5mm

18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3    


1 2 3 4

Figure 3 Interface Diagram

Terminal Interface Signal Definition:

No Interface Definition Description
1 INN Residual Current Input
2 INP Residual Current Input
3 ICN Phase C Current Negative input
4 ICP Phase C Current Positive input
5 IBN Phase B Current Negative input
6 IBP Phase B Current Positive input
7 IAN Phase A Current Negative input
8 IAP Phase A Current Positive input
9 B-/ CANH RS485: B - / CAN bus: H
10 A+/ CANL RS485: A + / CAN bus: L
11 5V RS485:5V
12 GND RS485:GND
13 COM Temperature sensor input 3,4 common terminals
14 NTC4 Temperature sensor input 4
15 NTC3 Temperature sensor input 3
16 COM Temperature sensor input 1,2 common terminals
17 NTC2 Temperature sensor input 2
18 NTC1 Temperature sensor input 1

No Interface Definition Description
1 PG Earth
2 N AC220V Input zero
3 L AC220V Input wire

No Interface Definition Description
1 VN Neutral input
2 VC Phase C Voltage input
3 VB Phase C Voltage input
4 VA Phase C Voltage input



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