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DYO-FF V1.0 Cable Line Fault Indicator
The DYO-FF Cable Line fault indicator is used in 6~35KV Cable line distribution networks, usually installed in Ring Main Unit, Cable Distribution Box, Switch Cabinet, enable the electricity distribution network engineers to quickly identify the faulty section of network and restore power supplies to customers on healthy sections in the shortest time possible. 
DYO-FF V1.0 Cable Line Fault Indicator System Composition
The system is composed of 1display unit, 3 pcs short circuit CT sensor, 1 pcs earth fault CT sensor and the monitoring central station.

Composition Content
Display Unit Installation: Wall mounting type
Earth fault indicator
*Short circuit indicator (Optional)
Low battery indicator
Support outside Signal Input
Support control Other Device
Support remote Communication/Setting
*Support 3 phase current/zero sequence current acquisition (Optional, When CT connect to display unit by Cable Only)
Earth Fault Sensor 1*Split-core current transformer, connecting to display unit by:
Fiber (Optional)
Short Circuit Sensor
3*Split-core current transformer, connecting to display unit by:
Fiber (Optional)

DYO-FF V1.0 Cable Line Fault Indicator Main technical parameters

Electrical Parameters
Item Content
Applicable Voltage Level 6~35KV
Applicable Current Level 0 ≤ I ≤ 600A
0~100A (±3A accuracy)
100A~600A (±3% accuracy)
Maximum Fault Current 1200A (±10% accuracy)
Earth fault trip current Settable
Response Delay Settable
Inrush Current Withstand 31.5kA/ 2s

Power Supply
Item Content
Internal Battery Lithium type
Voltage: 3.6V
Battery sizing: ≥4.8Ah
Shelf life≥20 years
Total flashing time≥1,200 h
External Power Source (Optional) 110-240V AC, 50~60 Hz

Protection Class
Item Content
Display Unit IP65
CT Sensor IP68

Item Content
Environment Temperature -35°C to +70°C
Relative Humidity ≤95%RH
Altitude ≤2000m

Item Content
Display unit (W*H*D) 76mm x 117mm x 43mm (For reference only, The actual product may be differ)
CT sensor (Diameter) 120mm
Cable length 15 meters

Item Quantity Content
Earth fault indicator 1 Red LED
Short Circuit indicator (Optional) 3 Red LED
Battery Status 1 Yellow LED

Item Content Quantity Type
Cable Connector 1 Zero Sequence CT cable connector 3 Terminal Block Interface
3 Phase CT cable connector 1
Cable Connector 2 External lamp 1
Cable Connector 3 DI 2
DO 2
RS232 1
Cable Connector 4 Power supply 1
Optical Fiber Connector
Zero sequence CT fiber connector 1 4 in 1 Fiber Interface
3 Phase CT fiber connector 3

Item Quantity Content
Reset Button 1 Reset/Function test
Dip Switch (4 bits) 1 Red LED


Item Content
Fault Indicator When at normal working status, the indicator light is off; if there's fault, the indicator light will turn red and last for at least 50ms, and the flashing period is 5sLow Battery Indicator
Low Battery Indicator When the battery power is less than 5%, the indicator light will be flashing yellow, or the light is off
Reset Manual by button at the display unit
Remote by relay contact to SCADA
Automatic time reset: 1/2/4/8h after fault, adjustable
Voltage restoration (110~240V AC), within the range of 10 to 30 seconds of restoration of supply
Optional: reset after recovering line current
On site function test By push button
Function test: Press the button for 1 second
Battery test: Press the button for 3 second
Remote function test By connecting the SCADA & SMS
Function test: Checking status on SCADA in station & SMS in mobile phone
Battery test: Checking status on SCADA in station& SMS in mobile phone
Communication Communicate with SCADA

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